broken spring repair

Before we start talking about the broken springs, it is pertinent to mention that any problem with the springs should be immediately reported. Springs are the most important portion of the garage door and any damage to them means working of the garage door is hampered. Only the specialized and expert person can work with the broken springs. Managing springs means working under tension and if not managed properly, It can be life threatening and injuries.

Middle island garage door repair can help you in dealing with the broken spring. Every spring has a life and it works in a certain life cycle. Springs stop working when its life is complete. Thus, it is good to regularly monitor the working of your garage door so the performance of the springs could be watched on a regular interval.

Contact us as we also gives you a snapshot on working on the garage door and how many cycles, it completes on a daily basis, so you ‘ d be able to see the performance of the door and change the springs when the time comes without avoiding any accident.

The life expectancy estimation is:

  • The door’s life is 14 years if it is opened 2 times daily
  • The door’s life is 7 years if it is opened 4 times daily
  • The door’s life is 5 years if it is opened 6 times every day and
  • The door’s life is 3 years if you open it 8 times daily.

Thus, it is all about the usage of the garage door, the springs life is dependent upon. Therefore contact us and also get discount offers.